Friday 4th October

Comedy at The Edge: Justin
Moorhouse – Justin Time 8pm £15.00
Dear Potential Ticket Buyer
Why should you come and see my show?
Well firstly because it’ll be funny, and to be honest that’s
the only reason. I’m not going to pretend my comedy can change the world. I’m not promising nudity or fire breathing. That can be arranged on request – though. It’ll just be me telling you stories and jokes to make you laugh. You might have seen me with that tiger face in that programme from ages ago. I won’t have that tiger face on. It was a long time ago. You might have seen me doing stand-up on your television, it’ll be a lot like that, but more of it and in 3D. Expect stories about Owls, Family Fun Days, and my dog. She’s great. I’ll probably also moan about my kids. I’ll only be joking though, they’re great too. It’s all new for 2013 and it’s happening all over the place. Be brilliant if you came. See you soon, Justin


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